Your Wedding Cake Guide for the Spring

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 white wedding cake with white flowers
Colors: Cake colors making the biggest comeback this year are
tiffany blue, nude pink and white. A white cake is classy and elegant.
With a basic, white cake you can go with add-ons like a white or pale pink flowers —
always a nice touch to a simple, lace cake that could potentially go
with the bride’s dress.



If you want to branch out, going with nude pink or coral pink is a great
idea for South Asian brides because they fit nicely with the usual red
color theme.

tiffany blue wedding cake

If the color theme for one of your occasions is from the blue family,
you can easily go with the tiffany blue colored cake, which is really in
this Spring.

For a smaller wedding it is perfectly okay to go for a two-tier cake.

wedding cake with berries

Fillings: Since Spring offers you the choice of fresh berries and
fruits, it is great idea to take advantage of the season and make your
cake light and fruit-filled. If you are a chocoholic, you
could still keep a Spring theme by choosing a strawberry or raspberry
filling. Think light and airy for your cake.

wedding cake with iris flowers

An iris makes a great add-on for your cake. It adds an
instant punch without being over the top. You can also try a coral pink
rose instead.


Happy tasting…….

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