Where do you draw the line while planning a flamboyant wedding?

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As Indian weddings get bigger and the trend accelerates to make it more spectacular than the neighbour’s, it pays to remember where to draw the line. Some time back, a 40-year old man lost his life and four others were seriously  injured when a crane carrying the bride and her sister on a cone-shaped crystal structure crashed into the wedding venue in Adalaj Village near Ahmedabad in the Gujarat state.

Wedding crane crash

Photo credit: www.mangaloretoday. com

The idea behind the elaborate preparation was to have the bride arrive at the venue in style through the crystal crane, and get showered with flowers. Just as the she was about to reach the dias, the pyrotechnics malfunctioned and the crane crashed  to the ground from a height of four feet, showering her with broken glass and debris instead. Both occupants toppled over and suffered injuries. The 40 ft crane fell on its side fatally killing an unfortunate bystander and seriously hurt two others.

This has sparked an angry debate on about how much is too much regarding flamboyant Indian wedding preparations. As each attempts to outdo the other, no expense is spared to stage  a memorable show, yet few consider spending on health and safety measures, disregarding them as an avoidable expense.  Money does the talking and the real reason behind the rituals get increasingly buried deeper.


by Joyeeta Ray, freelance writer at MyBindi.com