Viva Las Vegas!


There’s something about Vegas. Maybe it’s the glittering lights, or the uninhibited glamour around every corner. Or maybe it’s just because anything goes! Whatever the reason may be, Las Vegas is a popular spot for Bachelor and Bachelorette parties in North America.

Las Vegas

You’ve heard that phrase a million times: “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” It’s no wonder so many soon-to-be married brides and grooms head down to this city to experience an once-in-a-lifetime trip that’s not going to be forgotten soon.  So how do you go about planning this Vegas adventure for your buddy or gal pal? Follow these tips…

The people…

It’s not called Sin City for nothing! You don’t want to spend a weekend in Vegas, stuck with boring people whose idea of fun is walking around and checking out the architecture. Save that historical trip for another time.

When planning a Vegas-style bash, ask friends who are close to your friend if they’d like to join in. Don’t go overboard and invite a very big group as co-ordination and organizing the trip becomes a huge task in itself. Stick to a close group of friends that you know and your friend likes and start planning your trip already!

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The money…

Vegas can get expensive very fast. It may be the gorgeous stripper who teases the money away from you, or simply the river of alcohol that flows all weekend long. Speak to your friends who are invited, and ask about setting a budget for each person. That way you know which clubs and joints to hit, once you know the budgets you’re working with. Usually in a big group, splitting expenses equally is the easiest option but do bear in mind that not everyone drinks as much or asks for as many lap dances! So think it through and then look into different options for accommodation and entertainment, depending on your budget.

The plan…

A weekend in Vegas means non-stop party! Locals say that if you’re back at your hotel before 6 a.m., you haven’t seen everything there is to see in Sin City. So, what’s on offer for the party goers? On the strip itself, you’ll find tons of casinos and hotels, just waiting for you to step in and get lost in the din. There are a bunch of strip clubs that cater to your wildest fantasies. And if you want some good ol’ fashioned entertainment, there are several shows and performances that you could attend too. Asking your concierge for tickets and suggestions is a great idea.

To plan the details of your trip, check out sites like Expedia or Travelzoo amongst others that often have many deals on trips to Vegas. You can customize your itinerary to squeeze in some golf or a spa treatment, or you could just go along with what’s included in the package. Before confirming group bookings, ensure that everyone who is invited has RSVP’d and is comfortable with the budget.

Vegas Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Essentials

limo in las vegas

Your wheels

Step out in style. Let your friend kick back and enjoy a luxury ride in a limousine as you are chauffeured from place to place in Vegas. There are many service providers who can be booked for a wild night around the city. The best part about the limousine? You won’t need a designated driver and everyone can fully enjoy the night, without having to worry about getting back to the hotel.

Drink up!

Most parties involve some alcohol and you might want to consider if you’d like to have a pre-party session in the comfort of your hotel room. If not, there’s no dearth of bars and pubs that offer a thirsty party-goer some alcoholic beverages once you hit the party circuit.

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A table and bottle service at a Nightclub

If you’re stepping out in a big group of friends, you could ask a local party planner to make reservations for you at the hottest club. Usually, a group of girls finds it easier to step into an uber chic club while the guys might have to call ahead or wait in line till something is made available to them. Asking a party planner beforehand is useful and saves any last minute stress. With everything in place, all you have to do is show up and have a great time!

Strip clubs

Girls and boys, there’s no denying that most people who head to Vegas do want to
see “everything.” If that’s on your list, there are several top-notch clubs that fit every budget. As to the best ones, ask your friends if they’ve heard of any or better still, research on the internet!


Want to try and woo Lady Luck? Arguably, the best casinos in the world can be found in Las Vegas. Gambling can be a high but do watch out that you don’t blow away your life’s savings in one night.

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