Top Trends in Destination Weddings

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1. Hot Spots

caribbean wedding

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Caribbean ranks first, but other popular spots include Florida, Maui, Napa, Las Vegas, Mexico and destinations with mountain vistas.


2. Shared Passions
underwater wedding

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Couples are choosing destinations that cater to their shared passion, from diving out of an airplane to getting married underwater in dive gear.


3. Something Blue
That translates to any colour that you can introduce to add to the basic white gown. Even dresses are emerging in colour such as fuchsia, tangerine and ocean blues.


4. Two Dresses
Brides are opting for one dress for the service and a second dress for the party.


5. Embrace Culture
Couples are introducing elements of the culture of the destination as well as including elements from their own culture.


6. Dramatic Getaways
hot air balloon wedding

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Be unique. Couples are leaving their own reception in style, from skiing down a mountain, riding off in a hot air balloon or speeding away on a boat. The fun is all about the big finale.


7. Ditch the DJ
hot air balloon wedding

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Couples are creating their own playlists on an iPod and downloading music from local artists to create a unique party mix.


8. Hitched in High-Tech
Using sites such as Twitter and Facebook keeps everyone up-to-date. Some brides are even designating a ’tweet of honour’ who is responsible for giving a play-by-play of the event. Others are using webcast services to keep the folks at home involved.


9. Eco Everything
It’s easier to go green at a destination wedding and couples are embracing the trend.


10. Map It Out
Maps of the destination, complete with best restaurants and entertainment, are being presented to guests to make their stay memorable.


11. Trash the Dress
Especially in Caribbean locales, the couple holds a photo shoot the next day and jump into the ocean in their wedding outfits.
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