So sweet… so chocolate-y!

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Dark, white, milk, 30 per cent, 50 per cent, 90 per cent – if the very mention of these words is enough to conjure chocolatey visions in your head, you know that a chocolate themed wedding is a perfect choice for you. So here are a few ways you can incorporate chocolate into your wedding, an ingredient for a “sweet” wedding…

chocolate wedding theme

Chocolates with your wedding invite

Send out your wedding invited accompanied by a small (or large) pack of chocolates. Many South Asian communities follow a tradition of sending something sweet, like mithai, along with wedding cards. Sending chocolates along with a wedding card is a modern take on the same tradition. So whether you choose to express your joy through exotic Belgian chocolate or a classic Lindt, your card will definitely not be forgotten!


Chocolate Gift favours

Many chocolatiers pride themselves on making unique and personalized edible chocolate party favours. Shape them in conventional designs like hearts, or rings or a married couple and fill them up with chocolate liquor or a more exotic filling. Alternatively, pick a design that is more personal and means something to you and your partner. The choices are endless – all you have to do is pick!

Chocolate fountain

chocolate fountain in wedding

Weddings in the GTA are seeing more and more of these divine creations at wedding receptions. A chocolate fountain can be as simple or dramatic as you want. You can choose between a chocolate fountain which has 3-4 tiers or a simpler one with 2 tiers.

Additionally, what you serve alongside the fountain is where you can show your creativity. Popular choices to be dipped in sumptuous chocolate include strawberries, biscotti, among other things. Your chocolate fountain vendor can help you identify a menu that works. For the more adventurous, you can add some pizzazz to the whole experience by adding different flavours like mint to your chocolate fountain.

Chocolate wedding cake

An easy way to explore your chocolate theme wedding is to bring out a beautiful chocolate wedding cake. You can mix it up by creating different tiers for white, dark or milk chocolate or choose to express your sweeter side through flavourings like cappuccino or mocha.

 Chocolate cup cakes

If you don’t want to have a big ol’ chocolate cake, you can choose for these mini-sized morsels of unadulterated pleasure. Icing and decorations on the cupcake can reflect your theme and be left on your guests’ tables for them to enjoy. Use your imagination and work with your caterer to create a unique cupcake that has sugar, spice and everything nice!

Chocolate gift baskets

Create chocolate gift baskets for your extended family and friends and you can’t go too wrong. Mix and match a variety of chocolates or chocolate-inspired items that can be bought at stores across the city. Some couples choose to create a chocolate and coffee gift pack that features a can of coffee beans, a coffee mug, hot chocolate or good ol’ chocolate. You can play around with the size and amount the basket holds, but this idea can be customized to suit any wedding-related event and occasion.

Chocolate-inspired menus

chocolate wedding cake

Chocolate can be integrated into your menu, if you choose to have a western-styled dinner. However there are many intrepid caterers out there who may be able to accommodate chocolate into a South Asian-inspired menu but tread this area with caution.

Should you go with a fusion menu to tantalize your guests’ taste buds, chocolate appetizers or chocolate flavoured drinks are a popular way to start. Leave chocolate covered almonds or nuts on tables for your guests to snack at while they watch proceedings. Main course entrees are often drizzled with a chocolate-based glaze or sauce while some incorporate chocolate right into every mouthful you eat. Consult your caterer to find a selection of food items that suit your fancy and your budget.

Want to go all out?

If you want an all-chocolate theme, you can even select colours for your wedding that reflect chocolate in all its hues. Find inspiration in chocolate by using rich colours like chocolate, mocha, brass, copper and other similar colours. Use colours in a similar palette or contrast strong colours like white (and shades of white) with rich chocolate tones. At the risk of repeating ourselves, the choice… is yours!