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Though an expensive set of champagne flutes, a bedding set and myriad kitchen appliances seem the best things to give to a couple setting up house, cold, hard cash gives the couple the freedom to make some personal choices. Read on to know how your cash packets go a long way to make one couple very very happy!

Gift them the moon

Gift a honeymoon

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The couple is planning a cozy (read cheap) bed and breakfast about ten miles from where their families are but what they REALLY want is a week in Australia! This is where you come in. Your good money can contribute to a smashing honeymoon with all the frills that accompany it; posh air travel, shopping, restaurants, spa treats, golf sessions and who knows, an exotic souvenir for you from a faraway land. The honeymoon is a special time of being together before rejoining the real world. So give them the money and make it special!

 You might be giving them a vase.. too


Manita and Harsh Bakshi of Seattle, scored 14 Ganesha idols for their wedding in July and ended up packing NONE of them. “They will be recycled,” says Harsh sheepishly. Recycled. As in given back as gifts on housewarmings and such other ceremonies. The sentiment behind gifting a religious symbol is highly appreciated but chances are that one deity or the other does reside in all families. If your really want to give a boxed gift and you know the couple well, your best bet is a gift certificate or jewellery. Still, nothing is tastier than cash. Let him pick his own tie, let her get her own bracelet.

 Your cash will “cover” events

cash gift in weddings

For each wedding, there are at least five ceremonies that see copious amounts of money on their way out, quickly. Does it seem appropriate to alleviate the dismay of the parents of an overenthusiastic bride who had 50 friends over at her “mehendi” OR the mother of the groom who grudgingly let go of good money to let her son splurge on a lavish “ghazal night”? Certainly. There are other expenses from both sides. Family members are given gifts, often expensive jewellery. You don’t have to exactly “sponsor a ceremony” but a little green goes a long way
 For couples on the move…

wedding registry

It’s a fast life that one leads today. Moving across the globe for business, study etc is the norm. In such a situation it really does not not help the couple to lug a luggage set (even a branded one) or a George Foreman Grillmaster around. These are gadgets that you may fantasise about. The couple might just be looking to get their air tickets paid for. And they won’t mind if you wire out the money. A warm hug and kiss and maybe some flowers on the wedding day will do just fine

What’s good to give: Can’t decide how much in cash is appropriate to gift?
Here are some suggestions:

A colleague or acquaintance: $50
A relative: $100
A very very close pal: $200

Remember, it’s a token of your love. You don’t need to provide for their mortgage.

And lastly for those who just refuse to learn and hate the idea pf envelopes overflowing with cash here are some good alternatives:

Good alternatives:

Stick to the wedding registry if there’s one. The idea of a wedding registry is still not a very popular one with the South East Asian community. We are still getting used to the baby registries!

Jewellery is sometimes as good as money if it’s a good sized chunk of a valuable metal. If you are a very close friend and know what bauble he/she likes, that’s welcome too, even if it’s tiny.

Gift certificates seem like something you won on a game show, but they work if you know what exactly the bride/groom wants. A coupon booklet to the nearest pizza place IS a bit cheesy.