Maldives: An Island Getaway

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Beautiful islands, gorgeous beaches, friendly people and a truly romantic environment make the Maldives a very popular honeymoon destination. Even before Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes decided to visit this beautiful part of the world, the Maldives have always been a great choice for honeymooning couples.


What to do:

Once you get to the Maldives, you can do it all or nothing! If you want an active trip to the islands, you can avail of many of the tours that most resorts offer. Commonly called as the “Island hopping tours,” these packages include a tour of the local islands where your tour guide will introduce you to the local communities and you will have a glimpse of the arts and culture of the island. You will be shown around many of the smaller islands that come together to form the Maldives.

If you enjoy the great outdoors, there’s a variety of water sports to choose from. Whether it’s parasailing, surfing or water-skiing, the choices are limitless. With great weather through most of the year, most islands offer some kind of water sports so you can make the best of beautiful sunshine, great blue waters and pristine beaches.

And if you enjoy snorkelling, you’re in for a special treat. The Maldives government has taken several measures to maintain its coral reefs which are among the most beautiful in the world. Depending on your skill level, you can snorkel and dive in different waters surrounding the island. Even if you’re an amateur, try out snorkelling once to see the underwater aquatic life like you’ve never seen it before.


Also on offer are dolphin-watching and whale-watching tours that allow you to spend the better part of the day on a local boat, enjoy some refreshments and keep an eye out for these mammals.

Should you prefer a relaxed, laid back vacation, you can plan a picnic to a secluded island for a romantic meal, which can be organised by your resort. Alternatively, if you want to spend the day on a cruise boat, you can take the opportunity to enjoy some sun and sand, all perched on a comfortable luxury cruise liner. And if even that doesn’t satisfy you, you can even take a sky plane tour where your pilot and his guide will show you all the islands, via the aerial route.   

How to get there:

Geography places the Maldives closest to Colombo, Sri Lanka. It is about an hour away from the Sri Lankan capital. Flights are offered to Male International Airport, which is a short ferry ride away from the capital, Male.

When you go to the Maldives, your resort will make arrangements for your transfer to the resort. The transfer could be via plane or boat and prices vary accordingly.

Visas are issued at entry and you will be granted a 30-day tourist visa on entry.

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Where to stay:

Depending on how the resort is rated, prices will vary accordingly. Most couples prefer to book an entire all-inclusive package with a resort but you can also customise a vacation depending on your preferences.

Most islands offer options when it comes to accommodation. The most luxurious are the water bungalows, residences built literally over water. These homes have the added advantage of having an indoor glass floor so you can see the water and fish, without stepping out! The homes are secluded and each is maintained by your own house boy or housekeeping staff.

Apart from the water bungalows, you could opt for thatched-roof houses on a beach front property. Either way, you’re guaranteed to enjoy the sun, sand and water.

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For more details, check out the Maldives Tourism Promotion Board for resort information.