Plan a Lavish Wedding without Breaking the Bank

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by Vriti Malik 

A gala wedding with food, friends, fun and frolic will not burn a hole in your pocket, only if planned tactfully. We understand that a marriage is one of the most important event in one’s life and there is no way you would compromise. Host a grand affair without a back breaking expenditure by embracing these money-saving tricks and chucking away that rulebook.

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Head Count

Make your wedding a private affair. Do not extend invitations to everyone that you have met in the last twenty five years of your life. Inviting acquaintances over Facebook seems like an appealing idea but remind yourself that you have to control the guest list. It is not just about the budget but also this ceremony must be celebrated with only those who matter.

Food Fabulous

You do not have to lay the global cuisine on the table. Rather, choose the menu wisely by getting the caterer to understand your requirements. Explain to the caterer the kind of crowd you are expecting, their tastes and preferences as well. Also, you can skip the starters as people anyway enjoy the main course more than anything else.

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Pocket Bar
Serving alcohol at the wedding is a good idea to keep the people entertained. But, it is not mandatory to flash labels and expensive liquor. Stick to basics like beer, wine and champagne. Show off a variety of drinks at the bar by spinning up a few signature cocktails and also adding non-alcoholic beverages.

 Rent Wise

Wear a designer dress on your wedding without buying it. Rent out an outfit of your choice at one-tenth the price and save not only money but time as well. You might feel that you will get emotionally attached to the piece you wear on your wedding but the hard fact is that it becomes useless after that day and only hangs in the wardrobe unused.


A trend catching up really fast and it also saves paper. Go paperless by choosing from a long email, a power point presentation, PDF or a even a combination of two. This will also save a lot of time as you wouldn’t have to hand deliver them.

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Perfect Memories

Do not call a professional photographer who will make you pose for endless hours and then bill you for it. Rather, choose a young, budding photographer who promises to catch candid shots and offers a good deal.

My Music

Ditch the DJ and play an assortment of your favorite songs on your iPod. This will set the tone of the evening just right as you and your fiancé get to revive your memories through music.

Optimizing Orders

Bulk order helps you get very competitive prices. So, make a list of things you would require and place the orders together. Whether it is flowers, food items or decorative pieces, you must order them in abundance during wedding festivities. Ask for good discounts or seasonal sales as well.

Listen up Brides and Grooms! These tips are going to help you host a stylish wedding definitely within your budget.