Indian Brides as Disney Princesses

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A 20-year-old British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) student is the creative mastermind behind a viral ad campaign that has turned Indian brides into Disney princesses.


Once Upon a Bride, shot at Surrey’s Dhaliwal Banquet Hall in May and June last year, features nine vibrant photos of well-known Disney princesses — from Aladdin’s Princess Jasmine to the Little Mermaid’s Ariel — extravagantly dressed in traditional Indian bridal wear.

“We really wanted to emulate the Disney princesses in the Indian culture,” said Jasmine Nijjar, creative director behind the project and also a marketing communications student at BCIT.

At the time of the campaign, Nijjar was working part time as the marketing manager for Well Groomed, a South Asian bridal shop in Surrey, and was tasked with coming up with a creative ad campaign.


“Indian weddings are extremely extravagant,” said Nijjar. “Families save their entire lives to  really be able to provide for their children’s (weddings).”

 “And a common … theme (or) idea from brides was they wanted to look like a princess.”

So she immediately thought of migrating Disney princess movies into South Asian culture — something she’d  never seen done before.

“Indian weddings are all about the glitz and the glamour and how everything is just so extravagant,” she  said. “Being a princess or queen emulates royalty … so it really does portray Indian weddings quite well.”

 After months of shooting and editing, the campaign was officially released in September.

“We got a huge amount of response, especially for all of the vendors that participated in the shoot,” she said. 


According to Well Groomed owner Dave Singh, the campaign “did really well” for the store, which is currently working on an expansion in California. “It gave us a lot of presence,” he said.

And the success has only further confirmed for Nijjar that she’s on the right career path.

“By doing this project I really found that this is what I love to do and I definitely want to do it for the rest of my life,” she said.

Once Upon a Bride was directed by Nijjar, shot by Amrit Photography, styled by Well Groomed, High Heel Obsession, and Universal Decor, with makeup by Ranjit Heer’s Makeup Vibez and hair by Powder Room Studio.

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