India: A Wedding Destination

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Upon standing inside this regal, majestic fort-palace reminiscent of the Chauhan dynasty, one encounters a sense of ‘timelessness’ as hundreds of years of stories have unfolded in this royal venue. Alluring peacocks soar the Rajasthani horizon, while honey-colored passageways and tucked away rooms yearn to be explored – one wonders of this place as a potential wedding venue.

wedding destination India

Photo credit: Zinfinity Photography & Zehra Rizvi Photography

In the last decade, there has been a surge of North American couples seeking destination weddings in exotic locales of Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica and the Caribbean islands. Alternatively, South Asia presents infinite possibilities to the ‘common’ exodus of matrimonial celebrations. India offers cultural diversity, an array of landscapes and architectural treasures. Most importantly India offers North American desis a sense of connection to their eastern roots.

As a Professional Photographer, I aspire to merge people as foreground subjects in Indian backdrops, whether it is nature that lends itself in the form of the Pir Panjal mountains in Kashmir, beaches of Puducherry, backwaters of Kerala or the richness of the Red Fort in Delhi, bustling shops, busy Mumbai intersections or rickshaws that pepper urbanscapes, or fort-palaces with lavish backgrounds for those seeking extravagance. It is the juxtaposition of portraits in contrast with a background that adds another element to the story.  It tells us more about the couple – who they are and what they value. If India resonates then begin to imagine the possibilities India lends as a photographic background and unforgettable experience.

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Zehra Rizvi is a Professional Photographer and owner of Zinfinity Photography & Zehra Rizvi Photography. Visit Zinfinity Photography at & for more information.

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