How to make the best of wedding shows

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Luckily Toronto has its fair share of wedding shows that help couples navigate through the planning and chaos that is a desi wedding celebration.
Shows that focus on South Asian weddings in particular can be a blessing for couples and their families who are planning a wedding in the near future. From fashion to mehndi to venues to dhol performers – you can find it all at wedding shows. Many couples in Toronto and the GTA have benefited a great deal from events like the Kismet wedding show that offer a world of services under its (exhibition) roof.
kismet wedding show
Into its seventh year, the Kismet wedding show is eagerly awaited by couples and their families as vendors from all categories converge at the exhibition hall to show off their goods and services. This year, the event is slated to be held on Sunday, September 20, 2009 at the International Centre, Hall 1 and promises to be a grand affair with informative workshops, fashion shows and best of all, participation from most Toronto and GTA-based vendors. And if that’s too much to keep track, there’s even a Kismet wedding magazine that is available at the event itself and across select stores.

There’s a lot of information at hand, and that can be simply overwhelming. So how do you make the best of a wedding show? Just follow these cues:


 The couple should ideally attend this event together so that you can discuss budgets and personal preferences for the wedding. Often miscommunication and misrepresentation are a cause for many fights leading up to the wedding. When both partners are present, you can talk and clarify details with vendors who will be more than happy to provide relevant information. It’s a good habit to write down details or take contact information that you can follow up with later.

  Often, women prefer to go with close friends to check out the options available. If you choose to do so, then keep it restricted to one or a maximum of two of your closest friends who can help you screen vendors. A big gaggle of women is counter-productive as there is chaos with people running off in different directions. Pick your chosen few and stick by them. Also, if there’s more than one friend planning her upcoming wedding, avoid the urge to be competitive or outdo each other. Often, friends find it useful to meet at the venue and then discuss options later as each examines different parts of the exhibition. Divide and conquer goes the cliché.

The family often wants to be involved in all major decisions but it’s not the smartest idea to have parents and extended family come together for an annual meet and greet, at the wedding show! Stick to your guns and include siblings and/or close family, ideally parents, in this process. The more the merrier is not always true when you have several big decisions to make.



Get organized and plan your time at the wedding show carefully. Aimless wandering will only get you so far.If the wedding show is more than a day long, you can spend the first day looking around and figuring out what you like, vendors you prefer, styles you can identify with, so on.

When you return on the second day, you will have in all probability a list of areas you want to zone in on and want more details about. Plan your time well so that you don’t spend time only window shopping. 

If it’s a one day event like the Kismet wedding show, it is great opportunity to spend an entire day effectively and just focus on your upcoming wedding. Get there bright and early, spend 2 or 3 hours right at the outset, looking around the hall and listing out areas that you want to examine further.

There are some items like invitations and food that you will not be able to decide on right away as the former is dependent on other information and is usually the last thing that’s taken care of during wedding. As to the food, it’s always a safe bet to sample the fare before making any final decision about a vendor. However, there are other things that you can check off your list by either making a booking or taking detailed information from a vendor and then following it up with them, post-show.

kismet wedding show



Finances: Keep your ears and eyes peeled for different packages and offers that are available to you on days like these. Many vendors give lower prices or special discounts at these events. Learn more about budgets and price ranges for products or services you like. Shows like these are great to compare prices too so you get the most value for your buck.

Styles: Once you’ve wandered around and have a fairly decent idea on trends, start writing down information about vendors who come close to your desired style. Speak with them and follow up after the event if the vendor impresses. Know that it is a marketing opportunity for them and they may not be able to have an hour-long discussion with you about your particular shade of red or the mandap details, but rest assured that all vendors will provide basic information about their services. Ask relevant questions and follow it u.

 Bookings: You can book a few products or services that you are convinced on. It’s a good idea to take photos of designs that appeal to you (seek vendor permission before you do so) and if there’s doubt, you can always look at the photos to help you make a decision later. Ensure you have the name of the vendor somewhere in your picture for identification. Know that not every item on your list will be checked off but after the show you will have a fairly good idea on what to expect in the course of your wedding planning.