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So you’ve tried out your tuxedo, indulged in a shave at a salon and are pretty sure you’ll be on time on your wedding day. Think you can’do much better than that? Well, there’s just one more thing that can make your wedding day memorable for your wife-to-be: a wedding gift! Sure, she will receive tons of gifts from everyone she knows but a wedding gift from yours truly can really make the day unforgettable. So, surprise your fiancée and present her with a gift like none other. Looking for suggestions? Read on…

Get personal

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Give her something that no one else can (Good sex is not a valid answer here!) You don’t have to name a planet after her, or buy her an isolated island somewhere. Instead, rely on your relationship to provide some answers. Confused? Women love gifts that show you’ve put some effort into finding that perfect gift. While gift ideas are dime a dozen, what really sets yours apart is that you can personalize it. This can be done by engraving something that only the two of you would understand (a private mushy line perhaps?) or a small sentimental line that says how much she means to you. Engraving both of your initials on a new piece of jewellery that you know she’s been eyeing or printing your wedding vows on a painting, for example, show that you’ve gone that extra mile to make it a gift just for her.

Think creative

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Sure, women love a lot of things but some items always stay on top of their list. Surprise your new bride by buying her an original,
early edition of a book she really loves. Or create a personal photo album with pictures of all your times together, set apart with your personal notes or comments directed to your beloved. Think back to conversations you’ve had with her and recollect what tops her list of “wants.” By getting her something that she wouldn’t herself, you’re letting her know that you picked up on her wish-list.
Every woman loves to know her husband is listening to her. Why not start off your wedding by asserting that feeling? You’ll win brownie points for sure!

More than words

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You’ll have your sweetheart crying with joy if you decide to write a few lines dedicated especially to her. It doesn’t have to be a
perfect poem nor does it have to an ode to your love but a few sincere words can touch the heart of your wife-to-be. If you’re not feeling particularly creative, find a card that best describes how you feel and be sure to add your own thoughts and words to make it your own. Sometimes, writing a romantic letter that encapsulates your true feelings and anxieties about marriage can reassure your fiancée that she’s not the only ones going through wedding jitters. Think you’ll have no trouble in the romance department? Then why not write
a series of seven letters or notes, each for a day leading up to the wedding. Small gestures like these can mean a lot to your future missus.

Smell the flowers

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On the day of your wedding, or the night before, leave a bouquet of your bride-to-be’s favourite flowers in a place where she’s bound to
see them. You could get a member of the bridal party to deliver her favourite flowers just in time for her to wake up, on your wedding day. Or maybe you could leave a bunch of aromatic flowers in the limo when she is being picked up. A single rose or any other flower, accompanied with a personal note or card shows that you’re considerate and are looking forward to spending the rest of your life
with the one you love. Clichéd as it may sound flowers are a great way to express joy and happiness. What better day to employ flowers to say what you mean than your wedding day.

A fine touch

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Weddings are a great time to buy jewellery that will last a lifetime. Many brides spend hours agonizing over jewellery that she will buy
and wear over the next few years of their lives. An easier option is to collaborate with your mother-in-law or her best friend in identifying jewellery that will match her outfit then surprise her by leaving it at her table before the wedding day. Another alternative could be buying her a simple diamond pendant that she can wear on a daily basis. If money is not a constraint, go the full nine yards and buy a bracelet and earrings to match. Diamonds are most often a safe bet as they go with almost all kinds of outfits. Some women prefer pearls or other precious stones so delve into her jewellery box and watch out for styles that she prefers.