Getting Married? Glow with Garlic!

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As the big day approaches, stress and anxiety can drain you out, even if you are one of those super calm types. If you are engaged and preparing for the big day, keep on track with your beauty regime to stay supremely glowing and beautiful.

Garlic may not be the first option on many beauty lists, but just as it keeps off vicious vampires from attacking beautiful women in fictitious tales, garlic has proven to keep away vicious bacteria, toxins and fungus from ruining beautiful skin and hair.

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Skin-Revitalizing Garlic

Allicin’s antifungal, anti-aging and skin smoothing benefits found largely in garlic increases antioxidant levels of the skin and body, leaving skin glowing.

Rub a garlic pod onto the skin and wash it away with cold water to reduce inflammation and redness. Use it regularly to fight off infections.

Garlic can also be used as a paste to help acne scarring and blemishes on the skin as well as help with pore minimization. Make weekly homemade masks mixed with honey, yogurt and other scrumptious ingredients to ensure healthy skin.


Hair –Regenerating Garlic

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Not only does garlic work wonders on skin by fighting off bacteria, it also helps in decreasing hair fall, regenerates hair follicles and removes toxins from the scalp leaving hair soft, shiny and strong.

Simply add a garlic clove into your shampoo and conditioner to increase blood circulation and treat an itchy dandruff scalp. Be careful not to overuse this regime more than twice a month, since excessive use can  dry out the scalp.

Yes, the overpowering smell can be a source of concern. However just a few drops of honey in your hair products along with the garlic can ease off the smell magically, while adding extra moisture and softness to your locks!

More Surprises with Garlic


Increasing general consumption of garlic in your diet is also known to help increase skin elasticity to prevent stretch marks!

The benefits of garlic are not only restricted to skin and hair. Garlic can also help you get rid of dull and brittle nails. The anti-bacterial properties help prevent cuticle infection. Rub garlic juice onto your fingernails to leave them long and strong.

Last but not the least sulfur present in garlic contains B complex vitamins, which jostles up the body’s metabolism keeping it healthy and strong. Mix half a lemon in warm water and consume it with two cloves of garlic for 2-3 months to drastically change the body’s response to keeping fit and toxin-free.

Don’t shy away from one of nature’s most powerful gifts. The smell of garlic all over you may seem overpowering but when you see the way it powers your hair, skin and nails with new life, health and beauty, you’ve got to give it a try.

Just make sure your Garlic beauty regime starts and ends a bit before your wedding day for the best results!


by Ashmita Dutta Ray, freelance writer at