Ensure a perfect gourmet feast for your guests

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People might forget what you wore and how you looked but chances are that they will always remember how the food tasted. Choose a caterer with passion. Begin by understanding that every wedding is as unique as the bride and groom and there is no right or wrong. Just consider the following things before zeroing down on the catering company:


Guest Profile and Preferences Keep in mind the age, religious sentiments and health concerns of your guests. For example- choose a mild menu if you have a lot of older people in the crowd. Younger people will love to experiment with adventurous options. Remember to have a good assortment of seafood and vegetarian dishes for health-conscious ones.

Keep in mind- food allergies, religious needs and dietary restrictions.

 Variety is the spice Our taste buds have truly evolved. Serving up just a curry is no longer an option. Opt for a spread of international cuisine. Find a caterer who can give you delectable dishes that include not only North and South Indian food but a mix of Lebanese, Mexican, Italian, Chinese and more.

Experience is the key It is important to learn about the kind of events the company has handled in the past. This experience will ensure that they can deal with difficult situations if the need arises. Do a background check to know the standard they strive to maintain in terms of the quality of cutlery and ingredients.

Perfect Presentation The trick is not just in cooking the perfect meal but also serving it in a way that amazes the guests. The team has to know of innovative techniques to prepare and present to the guests. The chefs should be able to deliver a culinary experience through their cooking techniques and presentation skills. Colourful ingredients on display, an open kitchen, matching linen and decorative items will make it a gastronomical delight.

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Super Service Choose a caterer that knows how to accommodate surprising requests at the event. They must have a team that can look into more than just the kitchen. Working in accordance with the theme and mood of the party is a must.

 Flexibility Different events require a different menu planning and an experienced catering company would love to revel in the challenge. Understanding the need to ideate a menu as per the requirement of the function is a must. For instance, mehendi and sagneet calls for a casual buffet while a wedding may need a formal sit down meal.

Don’t forget to ask for breakfast options for in-house guests, box lunches in case the guests plan to step out during their free time.

Committed to deliver Tell the caterer to setup a food tasting session. It is very important for you to sample the food. Sign the caterer only if he or she is able to instil confidence in you through the food and presentation.

This is going to be a feast of your dreams so please do not compromise on the caterer, chef and the team who is going to put up the show.