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General Tips

wedding centrepiece


    • Vary the size of centrepieces throughout the room; it gives a more unique look.
    • Make sure centrepieces aren’t too tall and obstruct guests’ views or ability to converse at the table.
    • Don’t choose flowers that are too strong-smelling because guests might have allergies.
    • Use mirrors to make a small centrepiece look bigger.
    • Some reception sites offer a centrepiece service.
  • For the following ideas, or your own ideas, adding special extras can both glitz up a rather dull piece, or make a common piece more unique. Use: tulle, ribbons, balloons, glitter, sparkles, flowers, spray-paint, all in your wedding colours of course. Craft stores carry a variety of extras, including practical things, such as glue guns.


The following 45 ideas can also be intermingled with each other, thereby producing new unique ideas:





1. Sugared Fruit
Place the fruit in bowls, which you can get at a dollar store. Good for a Christmas or winter wedding.

2. Chocolate-Covered Strawberries
Place the strawberries in baskets, which can be bought at a dollar store, and they can be used for desert at the end of the meal.

3. Wedding Cake
Put an individual wedding cake on each table rather than a huge, many-tiered one at the head table.

4. Candy Tree
Decorate Styrofoam cones, which you can get at a craft store, and attach various types of candy.

5. Giant Candy Bar
Wrap giant candy bars in wedding colours. Have the guests open them and eat them for desert.

6. Basket of Eggs
For a wedding around Easter, you could also fill the basket with chocolate bunnies.

7. Gingerbread Houses
Good for a winter wedding.


wedding centrepieces


8. Pot Pourri in Bowls
Bowls can be found at a dollar store, and you can try and get pot pourri in your wedding colours.

9. Straw Hats
Good for an outdoor wedding; you could put sweets or fruit inside.

10. Teapots
Use teapots as vases.

11. Baskets of Flowers
Any flowers used during the ceremony can be placed in baskets afterward and used for centrepieces. You can even use bridesmaids’ bouquets and flower girls’ flower petals.

12. Milk Pails
Use as vases, or fill with fruit or sweets.

13. Branches
Rather than filling the various types of “vases” with flowers, try leafless branches that you spray-paint and decorate with glitter, etc.

14. Pine Cones
Use pinecones instead of flowers.

15. Top Hats
Fill with fruit or sweets.

16. Watering Cans
You can use as vases.

17. Wishing Well
Place some sort of well (glass, vase, etc.) on table with pens and paper inside; each guest is invited to write their wishes to the bride and groom.



floral wedding centrepieces

18. Fresh Tulips
Use tall glasses, which you can get at a dollar store, and cut fresh tulips and greenery.

19. Flower Pots
Use real potted flowers.

20. Wreaths
You can use just a wreath or you can place a candle in the middle.

21. Herbs
Try fresh herbs instead of flowers.

22. Potted Plants
Guests could take them home afterward.

23. Miniature Christmas Trees
Good for a Christmas or winter wedding.

24. Pumpkins
Great for autumn weddings.

25. Floating Miniature Pumpkins
You can put them in vases.

26. Bonsai Trees
Could be expensive, so good for a small wedding.



inexpensive and personal wedding-centerpieces


27. Gift Boxes
Wrap small boxes of various sizes with wedding colours; you can tie a few together with ribbon or with glue.

28. Wine Bottles
You can either decorate the bottles themselves, or you can use them as candleholders.

29. Champagne Flutes
You can get various sizes and shapes at a dollar store; you can tie a few together with ribbon.

30. Variations on Champagne Flutes
Tie two flutes together with ribbon and place coloured marbles inside the flutes (they look like bubbles.)

31. Champagne Buckets
You need them anyway! An idea for the ice; use food colouring and tint the ice cubes beforehand with wedding colours.

32. Wine Buckets
They’re needed anyway!

33. Photos of Friends and Family
Ask friends and family for copies of photos of their own weddings; place them in frames so guests can reminisce about previous weddings.

34. Photos of Bride and Groom
Same as above, just use your own photos.

35. Story or Poem
Place the story of how you and your groom met, or a special poem in a frame.

36. Menu
Frame the dinner menu.

37. Gifts
Wrap favours in wedding colours and have guests open them at the end.


scented candles


38. Scented Candles
Scented candles eliminate the need for flowers and give an ethereal glow to a room.

39. Hurricane Lamps
Make sure children don’t stick their hands in them!

40. Floating Candles
Make sure glass is heat-resistant.

41. Decorated Birdcages
Can be used on their own or as candleholders.


42. Fish Bowl
Put an actual fish in a bowl; goldfish are very inexpensive. Make sure you treat them humanely!

43. Greek Statues
If such is the theme of your wedding; you can also use cherubs.

44. Lego Structures
This is great if children are seated at the table.

45. Bride and Groom Favourites
Put items that are unique to the bride and groom in a basket, such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse or other stuffed toys.