Cakes: The Icing on Desi Weddings

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Wedding cakes may not be part of tradition in desi weddings, however the trend of unveiling luxurious cakes at  Indian wedding ceremonies have been on the rise. Traditionally, wedding cakes were cut to bring good luck to the newly wed couple. Today, contemporary wedding cakes are used as centerpieces for aesthetic purposes.

Cakes in Desi weddings

The exciting part about incorporating different wedding traditions from different cultures is that everything can be tweaked and adjusted just for your taste! Mixing two cultures and two tastes could create assortments of options for your big day to ensure that guests keep their sweet tooth satisfied.

When it comes to the taste, it is important to keep in mind that finding a compromise between a simple chocolate flavor and a mocha-chile-coconut surprise is essential, since it might risk an unpopular flavor and waste a lot of expensive cake.

At the same time the sky is the limit with regard to flavor combinations and designs. For chocoholics, the combination of creamy chocolate cake and mocha fillings are never a miss. And for those with more  a tangy taste for the tangy, lemon with vanilla cream is an option that is popular enough to appeal to a mass guest audience and delicious enough to keep them licking their lips.

Cakes in Desi weddings

Do not forget that your cake is your canvas, if you are not able to settle on just one flavor, you can also opt for variety tiers that enable guests to pick their favorite flavor combination and keep everyone satisfied!

The fun doesn’t stop there! Designing the look of your cake is as important as choosing it’s flavor. Remember to have fun and experiment with designs, keeping in mind the themes chosen for the big day as well as color arrangements. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

 By Ashmita Dutta Ray, freelance writer at