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South Asians represent one of the fastest growing ethnic groups in North America with higher-than-average levels of disposable income and lifestyle. is one of leading portals for the South Asian Diaspora in Canada. For over a decade we have connected over thousands of Canadian South Asians to each other, promoting South Asian endeavours and taking their interests further. With we bring this highly influential, affluent and web-savvy community together to celebrate one of the most important events in their culture – weddings.

South Asian weddings are more than just an occasion to tie the knot. Weddings are a showcase of professional success, personal values, social status, culture and contacts. Weddings are usually on a grand scale involving an overwhelming display of generosity with lavish venues, diverse cuisine, hospitality and consequently, shopping for all these.

Weddings are an occasion to showcase the strengths of not just the hosts but also enterprising vendors, business people and service providers.

·         Don’t miss this opportunity to reach out to your targeted market to take your business further.

·         See the current market trends and be seen with the market leaders in the industry.

·         Expose, engage and empower your consumers with your service benefits with the least effort.

·         Expand your networking base with clients and customers and your business with it.

·         Build long-term relationships in the shortest possible-time

Bindiweddings offers a variety of economical and effective promotional vehicles to reach your target market. Basic advertising includes listings, banners and direct email advertising. More creative options include advertorials, channel integration and event sponsorships. For further information, send us an email at with your business name, contact person, location, product or service and phone number.