A perfect wedding cake

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by Christian Nadavalli

You should choose your cake two to three months before your wedding. Keep your budget in mind when selecting your cake and baker: the price of the cake depends on size, type of frosting and decorations.


wedding cake
A traditional wedding cake is white cake with three tiers, and white buttercream frosting. You should choose a flavour you like, however: there are many flavour choices including chocolate, carrot, rum — or even cheesecake. While some couples simply choose frosting decorations for the cake, other options include flowers and figurines. Your cake is a part of your wedding decorations, and it should match the theme of your wedding, in color and style. Explore different options but remember: the type of decorations you use could affect the price of the cake.

When choosing a bakery, you will want one that specializes in wedding cakes. When you meet with bakers you should describe your wedding, and tell them how many guests you are expecting. Look at photos of wedding cakes they have made, and ask to taste samples. As always, get everything in writing to avoid any misunderstandings.
Questions to ask the bakery:
What are their cancellation and refund policies?
Are delivery and set-up fees included in the price? If not, what are fees are involved?
What are your decorating options?
If fresh flowers are being used, is the bakery going to supply the flowers or do these need to be provided by the florist?
Are there additional charges or deposits required for cake tops, pillars or other decorative elements?

You may want to buy your own serving utensils for the cake, and keep them as souvenirs. If you do not want to do this, ask your baker if they provide serving utensils as part of the service.


One of the biggest moments on your wedding day is the cutting of the cake. The tradition states that the groom should place his right hand over the bride’s, and the couple is to cut the first slice together. The bride and groom share the first slice by feeding it to each other. Often, the bride and groom have a mini food fight and end up with cake on their face — but remember that there are still pictures to be taken! Another custom is to freeze the top tier of your wedding cake. On your first anniversary, you and your spouse can enjoy the cake, much like you did on your wedding day.

Although it is not something all couples do, the groom’s cake is supposed to be a gift from the bride to the groom to honor him. It is usually a dark cake soaked with liquor, or containing fruits and nuts. There are many options, when it comes to serving the groom’s cake. Sometimes it is served during the reception as a second choice for guests, or packed up for guests to take home. It can also be included as one of the layers in the bridal cake. Some couples even serve the groom’s cake at the rehearsal dinner, instead of at the reception. A superstition about the groom’s cake states that a single woman who sleeps with a piece of this cake under her pillow, will dream of her future husband!

groom's cake